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Don’t Treat Your Customers Like Idiots

When I lived in Dallas there was a large store with a name beginning with a Z that was having “going out of business” sales for several years before finally shutting down.

Jewelry stores are always having 60% off sales because they set their retail prices to 3-4 times cost.

Car dealerships have the best deal of the year every week.

Obviously, these tactics work or they wouldn’t be doing them. However, you would expect better from Catholic stores. Unfortunately, we have noticed at least one Catholic e-store that labels retail prices as a “special price” on their home page. Come on folks, give your buyers a little respect. If you are going to offer a “special price”, make it a special price instead of a marketing gimmick that is neither special nor honest.

People eventually catch on and stop trusting you when you say you have a great deal.

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