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Can You Trust Alexa Rankings?

Alexa is an Amazon-owned company that ranks websites based on traffic and page views. The quality of these rankings has been greatly debated and the best that can be said about them is that the closer the ranking is to the top, the more accurate it is. (Yahoo, MSN and Google are the top three).

For the past couple of years our Alexa traffic rankings have hovered around 250,000 after being up around 30,000 in 2004. I have never understood this since our traffic and sales have been increasing, not decreasing. This past week our traffic rank skyrocketed up to 80,000. Did we experience a flood of new customers? Did we get linked to by some really big sites? Nope. The only thing we did was move our site to a new server. The site is much faster than before but we did not do anything that should have improved our traffic ranking by a multiple of three. Do I trust Alexa? Nope. Am I glad our “ranking” is improving? Yep. I just wish I could explain why.

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