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First Communion Dress Bleg

Alright all you Catholic store owners out there, Do any of you know of a wholesaler of First Communion dresses that don't come from China? We have been unable to find one.

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Hi Terry, thanks for the input. I wonder if sending a letter signed by some of the larger players would convince them to move back? We got one of our statue suppliers to move back to Korea.


Ian - I checked all of our Communion dresses - last year's models were made in Taiwan, this year it's China. We buy locally from Pierson Design - here is their wesite: http://www.bestdressedkids.com/index.html They are closed until Monday. I'm the manager for Leaflet Missal, my email is tnelson@leafletonline.com Let me know if I can help you. This China thing seems impossible - everything is coming from there now. God bless you. Terry Nelson

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