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The Catholic Liturgical Library is NOT Dead!

The problems Aquinas and More had with Catholic Online three years ago have been addressed so we have removed this post.

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Ingrid Kgobetsi
Ingrid Kgobetsi

I would like ti see different parts of the liturgy during the holy week especially on Good Friday. The other part is the difference betweent the commandator and Master of seremony what are the responsiblities and what are the difference. I hope the info that you will sent to me will be helpfull and will realy make our liturgy alive. Praise the Lord he has done great things to all of us.

Fr. Jakub
Fr. Jakub

I would like to see things on the site that are very current - for instance i have to get together Ash Wend. service that a Deacon can do - it would be great to have the format for things like that online. You had the article about removing Holy Water during Lent - that was very helpful, my parish was going to do that, i printed that out and it was clear that were not able to that. The practical info is very helpful..

Gary Kruse
Gary Kruse

Thank you for your concern over the missing C.L.L. web site. I was trying to prompt the site using an older saved CCL web page with no reprieve. I guess my conclusion of "missing" was correct. Somehow I don't think that this matter is without foul play. I would use the info regardless of the cosmetics of the website. Please keep up the work on this. Gary Kruse Royse City, TX


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