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Fr. Drinan is Dead. Pray For His Soul.

He's going to need all the prayer he can get

His last public act was saying the inauguration Mass for pro-abortion, pro-homosexual union "Catholic" Nancy Pelosi.

He also wrote editorials praising President Clinton for vetoing a ban on partial birth abortions and had a consistently pro-abortion voting record during his tenure in Congress.

And yet, during the controversy over Nancy Pelosi's inaugural Mass, Archbishop Wuerl said that Fr. Drinan was "a priest in good standing".

Nope, no reason to be cynical here. Please move along to the next scandal.

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I would ask for prayers for anyone's soul. However, Fr. Drinan's actions right up to his death were clearly at odds with actions that lead one to Heaven. If I assumed he was in Hell, I wouldn't ask for prayers for him.

John Kopec
John Kopec

JUDGE NOT LEAST YOU BE JUDGED (you "Catholic", arrogant so-and-so)...

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