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How Can This Possibly Be Just?

I just got a notice from our health insurance company that our health insurance is going up 20% next year. For $600 of month ($7200 a year), I will have a $5,000 deductible for my family. This year, we had to pay over $5,000 in medical bills because some stuff was out of network.

Our health insurance costs have gone up 100% ($300 a month) in the last three years. Of that amount,  $100 a month is because we had two more kids.

Does anyone have any suggestions (apart from giving up our kids for adoption) of where to get reasonably priced insurance? This is our greatest monthly expense after our mortgage, even more than food!  If we have one semi-major injury in a year we are going to be paying over $13,000 out of pocket for medical costs for the year.

You constantly hear about how many uninsured people there are in the country but they never break it down by how many don’t want insurance, how many are really too poor and how many are average people who have to make a choice between insurance and food.

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