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A Small, White Casket

When people ask how many siblings I have, I usually say three - a sister and two brothers. But it isn't true. I actually have three more. Two were miscarriages and one was a sister, Erin Patricia, who died when she was two weeks old. She would be 28 now.

When people ask how many children we have, we usually say "six" because explaining two miscarriages isn't comfortable.

This post reminded me of these things and I think everyone should go read it. :-(

H/T to Kicking over My Traces and the Catholic Carnival at Deo Omins Gloria this week.

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When we're explaining how many cousins our daughter has, we try to always use the "plus three" number, but they're not our caskets. I'm glad something in my post caught your eye, and I hope it touched your heart as well. Blessings and prayers to you.

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