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Solemn Mass Bleg

For reasons I’m not going to get into here, the only weekly Solemn Mass in our diocese was terminated last month.

I am interested in where other places are that actually have them. If you could, list the parish, diocese, website and a brief description about what they do (all Latin, some Latin, chant, bells, incense, etc.)

I know of four parishes in the country where such a Mass exists and would like to compile a more complete list.

To start:

Holy Ghost – Denver
Weekly 10:30 am


Has chant with organ, incense, bells, male-only servers, polyphony and traditional hymns and on major feasts a full orchestra.

St. Agnes – Minneapolis
Entire parish


Dream parish for those wanting to see what Vatican II intended – polyphony, chant, Mass at original high altar, almost entirely in Latin

Arlington – I know it exists, don’t know where it is.

Dallas – Fr. Paul was removed from his parish and took the Mass with him to his new assignment.

Please let other bloggers know about this post as I would really like as much help as possible in compiling this list.

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