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New Payment Method Accepted

PaPal payment processing(Vatican Information Service) – After several months of development in conjunction with Aquinas and More Catholic Goods, the Holy See has announced a new payment system for Catholic businesses throughout the world. The new PaPal(r) system, while superficially similar to other payment processors, will have several features that the Holy See is sure will make it as big a hit with Catholics as St. Joseph House selling kits*.

The first feature is that the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist, the developers of the Vatican website, will be offering daily prayers for everyone using the new service.

Second, all users will have the option of having a penny of each transaction given directly to the “Peter’s Pence” fund.

Finally, all message sent using the PaPal(r) system will contain a brief Faith fact to help catechize those using the processor. The Faith facts are being developed with the help of Catholic Answers and Catholics United for the Faith (CUF), both located in the United States. “We were very happy to be invited to assist with this new project of the Holy See and Aquinas and More. It’s rare that you get the opportunity to bring the Faith to so many people.”, said Leon Suprenant, president of CUF.

“The new processor will be made available to the public on  September 21st, the Feast of St. Matthew. We believe that any remaining bugs will have been exorcised by then,” said Sister Judith, head of the Vatican web development team. “We are glad to have such a prominent Catholic on-line store like Aquinas and More be the first live site to use the service and hope that customers will choose our new service over other options that may appear similar.”

When asked if another payment system might try to take the Vatican to court for using a similar processor name, Pope Benedict XVI replied, “Do you think the Swiss Guards just march around in striped suits carrying poleaxes for tourists? This is the oldest standing army in the world and they don’t keep machine guns in the armory for show!”

*Aquinas and More Catholic Goods does not actually carry St. Joseph kits as we believe that St. Joseph is much more likely to help you sell your house by being put in a place of honor in your house instead of being buried upside down on the east corner of your property.

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