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The Dark Side of Philanthropy

Today Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world, announced plans to give away his 40 billion in wealth. On the surface this sounds great but when you read the details, it isn't so nice anymore.

Here is how the donations work. He has designated a total number of stock shares to be given to each of 5 foundations. Each year, 5% of that total will be given to the foundations until Buffet dies.

  • 10 million shares to the Gates Foundation. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, has been reluctant to admit that his foundation supports population control, but it has given millions to Planned Parenthood and to other population control groups.
  • 1million shares to the Susan Thompson Buffet Foundation. This foundation, named after Buffet's wife, "primary focus is family planning, and reproductive health and rights, both domestically and internationally".
  • 350,000 shares to the Susan A Buffet Foundation. This foundation, while focusing on helping poor children and foster care programs, has also given money to Planned Parenthood in Nebraska.
  • 350,000 shares to the Howard G Buffet Foundation. This foundation focuses on conservation and environmental protection but seems to stay away from population control issues.
  • 350,000 shares to the Novo Foundation. I can't find any information on this foundation except for the information in the CNN article which states that the foundation is "focused on funding individuals and organizations working to open up education opportunities, reverse environmental degradation, uphold human rights, and improve understanding and respect among various cultures and ethnicities". "Upholding human rights" has become almost synonymous with population control these days so this seems pretty questionable as well.

And Planned Parenthood needs our tax money to stay in business? I don't think so.

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