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Why Does it Have to be Wrong or Right?

Okay, this is almost entirely off topic but a post over at Jimmy Akin's site made me want to bring this up for discussion.

The title of this post is in reference to a song by Restless Heart bemoaning the fact that cheating on your spouse is a black and white issue.

What I would like to discuss here is why in Country music you find not only in the same genre but even by the same singer songs that at one turn praise faith (Jesus Take the Wheel, Carry Underwood), family (Another Day in Paradise, Phil Vasser) and patriotism (Politically Uncorrect, Gretchen Wilson (oops)) and the next praise infidelity (Victoria's Secret, Toby Keith), drunkeness (Get Drunk and be Somebody, Toby Keith), murder (Earl Had to Die, Dixie Chicks or Independence Day, Martina McBride) or ambivilence about abortion (Red Rag Top, Tim McGraw) – Thanks for correcting the title, Charlotte.

Is this pure pandering to the public? Sing about as many things as possible so that everyone will like something you sing? For example, Kenny Chesney sings "Who You'd Be Today" with a video that includes a gothic church, a St. Christopher medal, and themes, albiet Evangelical ones, about Heaven. He also sings "Anything But Mine" about having sex with some girl he met at the beach during the summer and saying "I love you" without meaning it.

Is this an Evangelical strain in Country music singers who figure that they are "saved" so they can sing about whatever they want because they're going to Heaven anyway?

Any thoughts on this?

Update: Jimmy Akin, Cowboy Apologist, has posted a long and thoughtful response here.

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