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I Love Mommy Blogs

Mommy Blogs are proof that homemaking is not a dull occupation. Here are a few of my favorites:

Danielle Bean is the author of My Cup of Tea, has seven going on eight kids and still has time to write about the domestic church on a regular basis.

Mum 2 Twelve is pretty self explanatory.

Kitty Eleison is my wife and mother of our six great kids.

SFO Mom has some great thoughts on parenting.

Happy Catholic isn't focused on parenting but Julie is a Catholic mom and she has a great blog.

My Domestic Church is run by Elena, mother of seven.

A Mother's Rule of Life is a blog and book by Holly Pierlot.

Open Book, by Amy Welborn, is more focused on general Catholic issues but again, she is a Catholic mom of many, writes books, goes on speaking tours and blogs constantly. I think she must own one of these. She also has some really cute pictures of her kids in photo galleries on the blog.

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