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A personal lesson in Evangelization: the Conclusion

It all started here.

The response from the group wasn't what I was expecting, but maybe I was expecting too much.  Or maybe I wasn't prepared sufficiently; I hadn't written out the exact words that I wanted to use. 

In any case, the discussion lasted as long as it took to explain that the sacrament of Confession is necessary for one who has committed mortal sins, and recommended but not necessary for one who has only committed venial sins.  As soon as I had said this, someone changed the subject.  

No matter how those few words affected the group, I said what I needed to say.  Maybe my words would have had more of an impact if I hadn't waited to say them, or maybe it wouldn't have made any difference at all, but I don't think that the situation could have been worse had I spoken up when everything was going on.  Next time I don't think I'll hesitate to say what needs to be said.

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