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Cure For Your Kids’ Summer Blues

The Dangerous Book for Boys

So we’re about half way through the summer and your kids have gone through every toy, video game and watched enough tv to burn the tv glow on to their eyeballs. And then it happens. A morose child drags himself into the kitchen and says, “Mom, I’m bored. What can I do that’s fun?”

SlingshotYour response can be, “If you ask me again, you can go pull weeds!” Or, you can whip out a piece of magic. You can give the kids days, probably weeks, of fun and sometimes bordering on unsafe activities that will keep them out of your hair and probably outside. This little bit of magic is about as big as a piece of paper, hardback, covered in old-fashioned gold letters and full of all the fun things that you remember doing as a kid:

  • Slingshots
  • Go-carts
  • Skipping rocks
  • Periscopes
  • Code talking

It’s also chalk-full of cool stuff like American history, famous battles, a guide to fishing and geography, a dash of Shakespeare and how to play poker. Okay, basically if you have seen Up! this is the dream book for Russell.

Wellington at Waterloo

I’m talking here about The Dangerous Book for Boys.

 I bought a copy for my oldest son several years ago and it is one of his favorite books.

 He reads it all. The. Time.

 And my daughters regularly sit down with it, too.

Dangerous Book For Boys

If you want your kids to excitedly tell you what they built today instead of moping around or zoning out in front of The Legend of Zelda (Part 14), this is the book for you.

 If you wish your kids had a little bit of scouting without actually joining, this is the book for you.

 If you have a grandchild whose parents need a little more excitement in their lives, this is the book for THEM.

 Here’s a sample from the forward:

In this age of video games and cell phones, there must still be a place for knots, tree houses, and stories of incredible courage. The one thing that we always say about childhood is that we seemed to have more time back then. This book will help you recapture those Sunday afternoons and long summers – because they’re still long if you how to look at them.

Do you want to know something else amazing about this book? It’s only $12.95. I have no idea why the price is so low. I remember the original price being $24.95 so maybe this isn’t a permanent price.

 Honestly, for all the great activities and information in this book, the publisher could easily sell it for $30+ and no one would complain.

 So do you want your kids to enjoy the rest of the summer and maybe do and learn things they never have before? Now is your, and their, chance!

 Order the Dangerous Book for Boys.

God bless,


P.S. If you haven’t seen Up!,  you are missing one of the most poignant starts to a movie ever. Go rent it.


Win the Catholic Bible Dictionary

The Catholic Bible Dictionary
The Catholic Bible Dictionary

The Catholic Bible Dictionary


The Catholic Book Blogger is giving away a copy! If you don’t win it, you can order the Catholic Bible Dictionary from Aquinas and More.

Here’s some information about it:

A monumental new work from Dr. Scott Hahn and a “must have” for every Catholic home or parish library.

 Dr. Scott Hahn, the internationally renowned Scripture scholar and theologian, has inspired millions with his astute insight into the Catholic faith. Now he brings us this very important reference guide, written specifically for Catholics, which contains more than 5,000 clear and accessible entries and covers a wide range of topics, including:

•The Catholic Canons of the Old and New Testaments in their entirety

•Every significant person in the Bible, historical places, and events

•Civilizations that influenced the events recorded in the Bible, including the ancient cultures of Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, Persia, Greece, and Rome

•The social conventions, everyday life, and traditions of ancient Israel; encompassing such topics as music, money, food, and more

•The language and imagery of the Bible

•Key archaeological sites and finds

•Documents and teachings of the Church that specifically relate to understanding and interpreting the Bible, from the sacraments to biblical inspiration


I have to agree with Simcha on this. The artwork is so much better than just about everything else being offered to Catholic kids these days.

Maite Roche’s simple style is beautiful and yet draws you in to the images.


My First Pictures of Christmas

My First Pictures of Christmas



What do you know about St. Benedict?

St. Benedict Writing the Rule


Saint Benedict of Nursi, a figure known famously for being a hermit and for his monastic life, was an extremely influential man during the fifth and sixth centuries A.D. While many people recognize him as the founder of the Benedictine order, in fact Saint Benedict had a profound and lasting impact on the Catholic Church as a whole and not just on one small group of religious. A man of tremendous character, Saint Benedict lived an eventful life:


  • Saint Benedict wrote The Rule of Saint Benedict, a set of precepts governing monastic life. As the Rule dictates a moderate path between individual ardor in faith and communal institutionalization, it has gained much popularity over the centuries.
  • Saint Benedict originally studied rhetoric in Rome, but found the lifestyle of the city too degenerate for his tastes. He left, not originally intending to become a hermit, though after a time settled with Romanus, another hermit, in a cave outside of Enfide; he lived thusly for three years.
  • Saint Benedict did not intend to found an order, so to speak, with his monastic precepts. It wasn’t until the later Middle Ages that the term “Order of Saint Benedict” came into existence.
  • Together with Saints Cyril and Methodius, Saint Benedict is one of the co-patron saints of Europe.
  • During his time as a hermit, a group of pious men came to Saint Benedict and begged him to be their abbot; when they proved unwilling to live up to his holy standard, they tried to give him poisoned wine. While he was praying over the cup, it shattered and spilled the deadly drink onto the ground.
  • The Medal of St. Benedict is one of the most popular devotionals. It has complex symbolism so we created an interactive page to show you all the parts!
The Medal of St. Benedict

The Medal of St. Benedict


1) Corpus Christi is a Holy Day of Obligation—but not in the United States. The Feast of Corpus Christi is one of the ten recognized Holy Days of Obligation in the Catholic Church, and is celebrated on the Thursday following Trinity Sunday. However, in several countries, Corpus Christi is celebrated on the following Sunday. Attendance at daily Mass on that Thursday is always encouraged, but is not mandatory in the United States.

2) Corpus Christi wasn’t an official feast day for more than 60 years after its conception.While the Feast of Corpus Christi was first celebrated in 1246 in the Diocese of Liege, it wasn’t until the 1300s that the celebration became widespread in the Church, after the Council of Vienne in 1311.

3) The procession most commonly associated with Corpus Christi wasn’t originally part of the plan. Both Pope Urban IV and Pope Clement V published decrees regarding the celebration of the feast, in 1264 and 1311, but neither mentioned a public procession for the adoration of the Eucharist.

Corpus Christi Procession

4) Corpus Christi followed a long and winding road to becoming a feast day. St. Juliana of Mont Cornillon in Belgium was the originator of the idea, and brought it to Bishop Robert de Thorete of Liege. From there, it made its way to Pope Urban IV, who had been an arch-deacon in her diocese, —but both Bishop Robert and Pope Urban died before the feast became universally celebrated. Pope urban had declared the feast a universal feast of the Church but it wasn’t until almost 80 years later, in 1325, that Corpus Christi was celebrated in England.

Pope Urban IV


5) The Feast of Corpus Christi came about because as a result of a vision. St. Juliana of Mont Cornillon had a deep adoration of the Eucharist, and always wanted to see a special feast in its honor. This became a springboard when she experienced a vision of the Church under a full moon, with one dark spot on its surface. This darkness was symbolic of the absence of such a solemnity.

Saint Juliana

The Little OratoryOrder Now

We sold dozens this week. Did you order your copy?


AdorationAdoration: Eucharistic Prayers and Hymns

This work is offered for those seeking to enhance time spent before the Blessed Sacrament and for those seeking a good preparation for a full and active participation in the Liturgy. The inexhaustible depths of the Sacrament and the Liturgy have fascinated and inspired Catholics since the Last Supper. In our own times there is a renewed interest in the practice of Eucharistic Adoration. A new generation finds itself hungry for the Bread of Life and drawn to give the Lord thanks and adoration.

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7 Secrets of the Eucharist7 Secrets of the Eucharist

Pope John Paul II referred to the Holy Eucharist as “the greatest treasure of the Church,” and yet even many devoted Catholics have a limited understanding of this powerful sacrament. This book will change all that! You will walk away with a completely new awareness that the Eucharist is not just about receiving Communion; it’s about transforming your daily life.

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21 Ways to Worship21 Ways to Worship

In the inspiring new book, 21 Ways to Worship, best-selling author, Vinny Flynn, shares his favorite ways to pray in Eucharistic Adoration. Written in the author’s personal, conversational style, complete with puns and other bits of humor, 21 Ways to Worship is an easy to read, practical guide, jam-packed with inspiring ideas, techniques, and prayers to help you make the most of your Holy Hour. It’s a perfect resource for the beginner wondering what Adoration is all about, and for the veteran adorer looking for additional ideas.

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Listen to our interview with the author!


Rescued from the lost
traditions of our Catholic Faith . . . 

A powerhouse of grace
that bridges Church and home . . . 

Reclaimed in these
pages for the first time . . . 

The Little Oratory

Keeping a prayer life
with your family isn’t easy.

From herding distracted children
to managing the endless litany of
prayers and devotions, our spiritual
life often feels frantic and burdensome.

This isn’t the way it should be!

Our prayer life
and our family life should
— and can! — be in harmony.

When they are, our family
is a powerhouse of grace, and
our home becomes a Little Eden —
a little bit of heaven on earth.

With simplicity and holy wisdom,
this book shows you how to bring peace
to your home by integrating your family
into the calm, truly joyful way of Mother Church.

Thomas Howard
calls this book
“a rare treasure.”

Christopher West
calls it “a superb guide.”

Joseph Pearce
calls it “wonderful,
inspiring, and deeply practical.”

In these pages, authors David
Clayton and Leila Lawler help you reclaim the
almost lost tradition of the little oratory.

Consisting of a modest table and icons,
the little oratory is a visible sign of
spiritual awareness and devotion . . .

. . . spiritually nourishing your family
by extending the Eucharistic worship
of the Mass into your home.

Building your own little oratory is
simple, and in these pages you’ll discover
just how easy it is.

In fact, you likely have most of the
pieces in your home already — except,
perhaps, the sacred art.

That’s why we’ve included in this book
eight full-colored icons that are ready
for framing.

Eight full-colored icons are 
included in The Little Oratory.

Here are just two of them:

St. Michael Icon

Christ in Glory Icon

Each icon can be
easily removed from the book
and is ready for framing!


By following the wise advice in this book,
you’ll discover the peace and love that
flow from a home that is focused on Christ.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to overcome the feeling that you’re too busy to pray.
  • How to use sacred art to strengthen your prayer life.
  • How to extend Catholic beliefs and devotions into every room of the house.
  • Why the Liturgy of the Hours is important and how it can make your family holy.
  • How to pray the Rosary with children — and keep the rowdiest of them calm and reverent.
  • The active role children can — and should — play in the prayer life of the family.
  • What to do when only one parent takes the spiritual life seriously.
  • Practical ways to extend the liturgical life into your workplace.
  • And countless other tips to help you practice your faith in the heart of your home.

The Little Oratory

The Little Oratory:
A Beginner’s Guide to Praying in the Home
by David Clayton and Leila Marie Lawler
224 Pages — List Price: $19.95

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Win a free copy of He Leadeth Me

He Leadeth Me is now out of print from Ignatius Press but I have two copies to give away!

Just like AND leave a comment on Facebook to enter. I’ll choose a winner on Saturday.

He Leadeth Me Facebook Giveaway

Pewter Confirmation Cross

“Sacramental Season” is still going strong so I wanted to share some suggestions for gifts to help you out.

First Communion

Before the big day

The first thing to consider items that need pre-planning. For example, if you are having a party you probably will want to send out invitations.

One of our most popular items year after year are our custom prayer cards. We have over 100 designs or you can create your own from scratch!

First Communicant Gifts

Exclusive Blessed Imelda Rosary

Exclusive Blessed Imelda Rosary

Standard gifts for First Communion always include missals, Bibles, rosaries and sometimes scapulars.

Why not get a unique rosary – one that features the Patron of First Communicants, Blessed Imelda Lambertini? This rosary is an Aquinas and More exclusive.

We also have been busy adding new First Communion jewelry for both boys and girls including four-way medals, bracelets, tie-tacks, necklaces and earrings.

My First Holy Communion

My First Holy Communion

If you are looking for something different, we also carry wonderful children’s videos about the saints, sacraments and prayer. Or, if your child enjoys reading, we have over 200 books to choose from including the new My First Holy Communion book.


Gifts for Confirmation are usually easier to buy than First Communion gifts because the recipient has typically chosen a Confirmation saint’s name. Be sure to find this out ahead of time so you have an easier time finding a gift.

Extra tip: Make sure you find out exactly which saint the recipient has chosen. There are multiple St. Josephs and St. Marys, for example and you want to be sure that if you want to get something related to the saint that you know the correct one.

We can even engrave medalsThe go-to gift for Confirmation is a patron saint medal for the saint they have chosen. We have over 4000 different ones to choose from so chances are almost 100% that you can find one to match. We even do engraving!

We also offer several hundred books about the saints if the Confirmand is a reader.

We also carry plaques, Holy Spirit Jewelry and even a thank you plaque for a Sponsor. Just browse through our extensive selection to find the perfect gift.

Is there something you are looking for that you can’t find on our site? Please let me know.

God bless,